Wednesday, 13 April 2022


Pleased to announce that Feeling Weird, a graphic novel that deals with youth mental health in the context of a entertaining story and great art (by Dave Shephard), is now available. This was a long hard journey but one that my co-writer, Sean Donaghey, and I are happy we persevered with. We're very proud of this book and believe it is one that youth will read because they actually want to. 

You can follow the link below for purchasing information.

Tuesday, 17 August 2021

Sherlock@Home, my comedy webseries about a Stay-At-Home Dad turned detective launches tonight


 Excited that our comedy series is finally being unveiled. Details in poster above but you can also check out the trailer here.

Friday, 5 February 2021


Male Models

Cap had it sorted.

I am often asked: “What’s it like being a cutting edge father/stay at home dad/primary caregiver to three kids?” I tell dads who are confronting solo parenting, lead parenting or just “wife has gone to Vegas for the weekend”: Do it your own way. The glory of being a male caregiver is that, since there are not many role models, it’s open for us to make up what makes a good pop.
Look at Captain Von Trap in “The Sound of Music”. Remember how Maria, the problem nun, reacts with horror at how widowed Capt. Von Trap pipes in his children for inspection? Arrayed in sailor outfits and marching in time to his piping, they assemble in a disciplined row. We are expected to mirror Maria’s shock while also being amused at this rigid operation. However, as a father who has to get kids out the door for school five days a week, I admire the good Captain.

Cap had his stuff sorted. Cool, stern but fair. His kids were well-behaved, groomed, fed and actually responded to questions when addressed by an adult. And once they did as required I bet he left them alone to live their lives as he went about his – scoring hot rich Countesses and free-thinking nuns. Many parents are too involved in their kids’ inner lives - that’s why I respect cool Captain von Trap. Also, he can whip out a guitar and sing a love song at the drop of a hat.

Friday, 9 October 2020

Thanks for the props, Canadian Dad Influencers!

Imagine my surprise when I was notified that Pop Culture and me were named as top Canadian Dad Influencers by Casey Palmer in his recent post. Aw, go on!

I won't look too closely into how influential I really am - I can barely get my kids to pick their laundry up off the bedroom floor but it's always nice to be noticed. Flattery is very misunderstood.

So, thanks for that, Casey. Gave me a lift to see that this morning. Glad to know someone is reading the blog and enjoying it.

Thursday, 6 August 2020

Here's hoping that Netflix calls

Like every other screenwriter or other creative in Canada, I've pitched something to Netflix for their open call: a half hour comedy, Unqualified Success, about a barista appointed to becoming a Justice of the Peace (inspired by my time working in the Provincial Court system) and this one, Split Second, an animated comedy about a 'bad' kid who while undergoing a scientific procedure to remove all his 'badness' ends up getting an evil double instead. Odds of a call are approximately 2/1,000,000 but a guy can dream.